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Level 2: Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

Begin your career in the thrilling world of international trade by training to become a warehouse operative and play an integral part in the movement, stock-taking and daily management of products in a warehouse environment.


12 months + end point assessment

This level 2 apprenticeship, delivered by IOEx Ltd, provides the knowledge, teaches the skills and instils the behaviours that are required by warehouse operatives responsible for carrying out a range of moving, packaging and stock-taking roles and duties in a warehouse environment.

The typical duration of the learning period for this apprenticeship is typically 12 months, excluding a 3-month duration end point assessment phase. This apprenticeship will provide learners with the core knowledge and skills relevant to a supply chain warehouse operative by teaching knowledge, skills and behaviours in relation to the following core duties.

  • Duty 1: Maintain a safe working environment, ensuring that any hazards are controlled or removed in line with organisational procedures.

  • Duty 2: Ensure that on arrival, all goods received are inspected for damage, and in terms of accuracy, including quantity, they match documents or technology relevant to the organisation, with any discrepancies raised with line manager in line with organisational procedures.

  • Duty 3: Move and store goods safely, securely and efficiently to the designated location, utilising mechanical handling equipment, (MHE) and personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with organisational procedures when required. When using any MHE, ensure that safety checks are conducted before use to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

  • Duty 4: Support line manager in ensuring that goods storage arrangements enable the most efficient means of retrieval and movement.

  • Duty 5: Ensure that prior to despatch all goods are inspected for damage, and in terms of accuracy they meet requirements, with any discrepancies raised with line manager.

  • Duty 6: Support delivery operatives in the safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods, including the safe and secure assembling and disassembling of loads.

  • Duty 7: Ensure that goods are handled and stored in compliance with the relevant safety and regulatory standards (for example, food, medicines, hazardous materials) with any discrepancies raised with line manager.

  • Duty 8: Record relevant information on organisational warehouse management system in a timely manner.

  • Duty 9: Select goods from locations throughout the storage facility to meet warehouse order requirements in line with picking schedule.

  • Duty 10: Replenishing picking location quantities by moving goods from stock locations in a safe manner.

  • Duty 11 Support in scheduled and unscheduled stock taking and counting activities, raising any discrepancies with line manager.

  • Duty 12: Participate in briefing and handover sessions to support achievement of organisational performance targets.

  • Duty 13: Ensure that the reduction, re-use, return and recycle principles of packaging are applied in relation to both goods being prepared for despatch and goods received in line with organisational procedures.

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Entry Requirements:

Our Apprenticeship specialist team will guide you through the eligibility and entry requirements for our Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2 apprenticeship.


Learners must complete training towards English and Mathematics qualifications in line with the apprenticeship funding rules.

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