Trading with the EU health check

How the UK trades with the EU has changed following the UK's exit from the EU, with businesses required to comply with new rules and procedures.

Traders of goods are now required to complete customs declarations and meet new VAT, excise and other regulatory requirements.

Service companies also need to understand their new requirements for delivering and travelling for business in the EU.

Through this health check, one of our experts will assess the specific impacts of the new rules and requirements on your business.

They will then work with you to create checklists tailored to your business’s situation to ensure you can continue trading efficiently and profitably with EU markets.

How it works


Our expert gives a presentation covering the key impacts of the UK’s departure from the EU single market and customs union on your business, as well as tariff implications and new customs processes to be adhered to Agreement.



With the expert, you will discuss creating bespoke checklists with recommended next steps for optimising your trade with the EU, covering:

  • Transport routes and movement of people
  • Customs processes and easements
  • Use of Incoterms
  • Tariff implications: how to understand your tariff exposure
  • Whether you could benefit from applying for customs authorisations, special procedures or AEO status to mitigate tariff or for accelerated release of goods
  • VAT obligations
  • Delivering services in the EU
  • Product regulatory implications
  • Product marking and labelling implications

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