Customs compliance health check

Complying with customs rules and requirements is essential for businesses to ensure they can trade legally and efficiently.

The penalties for non-compliance are often severe and can damage the reputation of a company with both its clients and HMRC.

Our customs compliance health check helps you reduce your risk and optimise customs processes

Our expert consultants will learn about your business’s processes, identifying and recommending where improvements can be made as well as the types of customs authorisations and procedures you could benefit from.

The customs compliance health check consists of a full day with an international trade specialist who will assess your compliance risk, authorisation suitability and duty liabilities.

This includes the following:

  • Review of your import and export movements
  • Examination of your current level of customs compliance
  • Assessment of your tariff classification, valuation and origin processes
  • Review how you complete and manage customs declarations
  • Checking your payment methods for import duties and VAT
  • Assessment of your eligibility for customs special procedures and reliefs
  • Review of benefits of AEO to your business
  • Checking of any applicable free trade agreements you can access

Members can access a 25% discount

Please note, fees are subject to initial consultation, consultations are free of charge.

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