AEO support

AEO status demonstrates your customs processes are efficient and compliant, giving you competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The UK has secured agreements for mutual recognition of its AEO scheme with many of its major trading partners, including the EU, Japan, China and the US.

As the number of businesses with AEO status steadily increases, the pressure on other businesses to apply for it will increase.

Our customs experts can support you with applying for AEO status or renewing your existing accreditation.

What we offer

We offer three tiers of support ranging from an initial 'readiness review' through to assisting you to complete your application.

  1. Readiness Review

    One of our experts will spend a day in your business reviewing your customs processes and readiness to apply for AEO.

    You will be provided with a gap analysis report indicating what next steps and improvements you need to make to successfully apply for AEO.

  2. Preparation project

    We will help take you through the steps necessary to develop your company controls and procedures to an AEO standard.

    We will also advise on the best way to document and present your company processes to achieve a successful application.

  3. Application & submission

    We can help you to complete every section of the application.

    Our expert knowledge will help ensure your company has the correct policies, procedures and audit trails in place before submitting the application. We will then prepare you for your audit by HMRC.

Cost: applied on a day rate and subject to the particular requirements of your business.

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