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Knowledge in Bite - Size Chunks

Our range of learning materials ‘Knowledge in Bite - Size Chunks'  have been designed with a busy person in mind to help them learn one topic or specific area of international trade in more detail.

Each module entails approximately 2 hours of work, reading and assignments to help you understand a specific topic - for example INCOTERMS.

They are easy to understand and have a wealth of knowledge that you need in day to day business life - we hope you enjoy them.

  • Day-to-day operation of international trade
  • Developments and changes in international trade
  • The global marketplace
  • And much more…

For those of our members on our  Continuing Professional Development Programme, once you've read the materials you can instantly award yourself 2.5 CPD points!

However, if you would like more CPD awards you can take the mini module test which covers the subject you've just been reading about and this will award you 7.5 CPD points.

See below for the detail of each module and take a Bite-Size Chunk of IOE Knowledge.

Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a password protected module - this will be generated within 7 working days of payment.

Modules start from only £75

 This module will explain the form and significance of companies financial structures, cover different methods of finance and the consideration relevant to the selection, explain using cost data for the planning, monitoring and control of a business and Identify country and buyer risks in any export plan.

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 This module will show how to categorise different types of economy and the structure of industry in the UK, explain how competitors’ and suppliers’ activities affect market structures, cover trading blocs, tabulating the advantages and disadvantages, as well as identify the sources and types of law.

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 This module will cover how to use appropriate technical language in relation to export/import procedures, explain how to select and organise the most cost-effective means of transporting goods to, or from, an overseas country and go over Complying with all statutory requirements of Customs authorities for both exports and imports.

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 This module will cover the significance of the marketing concept, go over describe the component elements of the marketing mix and the factors effecting management decisions in formulating marketing plans, as well as demonstrate an awareness of the environmental influences on international marketing.

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