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Knowledge in Bite - Size Chunks

Our range of learning materials ‘Knowledge in Bite - Size Chunks' have been designed with a busy person in mind to help them learn one topic or specific area of international trade in more detail.

Each module entails approximately 2 hours of work, reading and assignments to help you understand a specific topic - for example INCOTERMS.
They are easy to understand and have a wealth of knowledge that you need in day to day business life - we hope you enjoy them.

  1. An Introduction to Law
  2. Bonds and Guarantees
  3. Contracts


  4. Currency Risk Management
  5. Customs Export and Import Procedures
  6. Documents in International Trade
  7. Factors Influencing the Profitability of a Business
  8. Financial and Management Reporting
  9. Incoterms® 2010
  10. International Trade and Shipping Terms