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International Customer Service

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International Customer Service

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Why this programme is important

International customer service plays an important role in a global organization's ability to generate revenue stream and forms an integral part of the global leadership programmes. A customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer has of the organization.

General objective:

The Institute of Export has teamed up with 3CN, a leading cross-cultural risk management company, to develop a unique, flexible and cost-effective programme for staff, involved in international customer service.

The course, which draws on over twenty years of extensive international experience and research, will prepare staff for all stages of dealing with customers from various cultures and answer the following questions: 

  • What are the attitudes to customer service across the globe?

  • What steps of the customer journey are most important in China, India, Middle East, USA, etc.?

  • Can you recognize the true customer needs, breaking the language barrier and reading body language?

  • How do you manage difficult customers and deal with crisis in various cultures?


Programme format and delivery method

The course is delivered face to face, blending the introduction of key international customer service principles and best practices with video case studies, group discussions, a quiz to enhance and check knowledge and scenario role play. Participants are encouraged to work in different formats – in pairs, smaller and larger groups. Emphasis is put on learning through engaged analysis and practical interactive case studies.


By the end of this programme, attendees will be able to:

1. Manage their international customer service effectively, understand various cultural attitudes to customer service and customer support. 

2. Analyse and understand international customer needs, decoding body language, dealing with customers across the language barrier, avoiding the risk of causing offence.

3. Recognize and utilize different, country-specific customer service techniques and the powers of persuasion,

4. Understand culture specific attitudes to:  questioning, service expectations, attitude to time and deadlines.

5.Manage misunderstandings and conflicts, deal with emergencies in accordance with national expectations of various cultures. 


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