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"Studying with the Institute of Export and International Trade has been valuable in increasing my knowledge and understanding of the complexities of international trade. Modules cover all important aspects of trading internationally and cover key facts in detail while putting them into context using real-life examples. These are qualifications that employers recognise and value and obtaining these qualifications more



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Young International Trader

Young International Trader

  • Ever increasing importance is being placed on enterprise and vocational based training, and The Institute of Export has launched the Young International Trader programme.
  • Aimed at key stage 4 (age 14 - 18) and beyond, this Level 1 qualification gives students a thorough grounding in the principals involved in International Trade.
  • The programme meets many of the Economic and Business Understanding objectives of the government’s Enterprise Education initiative.
  • The course comprises seven compulsory and two optional modules, each on a different aspect of international trade.
  • Throughout the modules, students can research companies, countries and industries that interest them.

Course Subjects

The course subjects include:

  • the potential advantages and disadvantages of importing and exporting
  • foreign currencies and foreign exchange
  • markets and marketing
  • logistics and transport
  • how imports and/or exports enhance product range and profitability
  • how international trade fits into a company’s structure
  • cultural and ethical issues encountered when trading with foreign countries.

Modules incorporate inbuilt flexibility, enabling them to be adapted to meet the needs of different student groups in different locations. The diversity of the subjects covered ensures that the student is exposed to a range of socio-economic, geographic, linguistic and business skills.

YIT has generated interest from language teachers, keen to link the learning of a foreign language to business related topics. YIT’s flexibility means that it can either be run as a stand alone programme or it can be integrated into existing mainstream subjects such as geography, languages, economics, business and general studies.


If you are interested in learning more about the Young International Trader programme, or have links with any schools that you think may be interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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