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"Studying with the Institute of Export and International Trade has been valuable in increasing my knowledge and understanding of the complexities of international trade. Modules cover all important aspects of trading internationally and cover key facts in detail while putting them into context using real-life examples. These are qualifications that employers recognise and value and obtaining these qualifications more



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Registering as a student

Those wishing to undertake the Institute’s professional qualifications must register with the Institute of Export as a student. Students can study via Distance Learning or with an Approved Provider (download of approved providers available at the botton of this page).

Registration Procedure

  • To register as a student, you can download an application form by clicking the link below. The student registration form application should be completed and returned to the Institute with evidence of educational or professional attainment, as per the entry requirements.
  • When an application has been approved, students are notified and asked to remit their first annual registration fees, currently £65.00 a year for student membership.
  • In their own interests students should register immediately upon commencing a course of study.
  • Students are advised to ensure that they are registered and their registration is up to date before they apply to sit the Institute’s professional qualifications.
  • To guarantee that benefits of student registration are received continuously, students are advised to renew their registration annually.

Entry Requirements

Every student applying for registration is required to satisfy the Professional Qualifications and Examination Board (PQEB) that they meet the entry requirements of the qualification they wish to undertake.


The PQEB requires copies of academic certificates to be forwarded with applications for student registration. The PQEB reserves the right to see original documentation.

Overseas students will be required to demonstrate that they have reached an acceptable standard in the English Language; In addition they must have equivalent qualifications/professional attainment, as required by students.

All students of the Institute are required to pass the Professional Examinations within four years from their date of registration. They will not be permitted to renew their subscription beyond this period unless a special extension is granted by the PQEB.

Further Information