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"The Advanced Certificate in International Trade qualification has been a great platform in order for me to enhance my skills and update my knowledge. This has been incredibly important for maintaining my credibility for assisting and supporting our companies with their international ambitions" more



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Level 4 Diploma in International Trade (formerly Advanced Certificate in International Trade)


ACIT Students

Learn about the practical aspects of international trade with our Level 4 Diploma in International Trade.

You'll get a detailed knowledge of all the principles, procedures and documentation you need to know for a successful career in international trade. 

After you have passed the Level 4 Diploma in International Trade you can apply for Associate Membership of the Institute, use the suffix of AMIEx and proceed to the Level 5 Diploma Qualification.

The Level 4 Diploma in International Trade consists of four modules:

1. The Business Environment

This module has been designed to provide a broad knowledge and understanding of the conditions under which international traders must operate their business and how business is affected by changes in the political, economic, social, and technological environment both nationally and internationally. Students will also be provided with a basic knowledge of the law relating to international trade with a focus on the law of contract, sale of goods and agency law.


2. Finance of International Trade

This module provides students with an understanding of the keys to profitability in their business, and the most appropriate sources of finance to maximise such profits. Students are also required to evaluate and attempt to reduce the various risks that are common to all international trade, including exchange risk and country and buyer credit risk and to choose and operate the most appropriate methods of payment.


3. International Marketing

This module introduces the basic marketing concept and the principles and practices of international marketing developing an understanding of the part culture plays in the sales process. Students learn to interpret the market environment, carry out appropriate research, analyse information accurately and devise appropriate marketing plans for the international environment.


4. An elective module

You can choose between:

    1. International Physical Distribution
    2. Selling Services, Skills and Software Overseas
    3. Or one of:
    1. Doing business & communicating in Arabic speaking markets
    2. Doing business & communicating in Spanish speaking markets
    3. Doing business & communicating in German markets
    4. Doing business & communicating in Chinese markets
    5. Doing business & communicating in Russian markets 


This online course is designed to fit around a full-time career and can be taken at a pace that suits you.
Online study is supported by contact with your tutors, webinars, video sessions and podcasts.



Course Fees:

Enrolment Fee



Bi Annual Student Membership



Assessment fees (per module, not required to be paid until assessments are taken)



Alternatively, you can take specific modules individually priced at £430 per module, also subject to membership and assessment fees.


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