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The Institute offers a complete range of professional qualifications to meet your needs, from those that have no experience, up to those who wish to qualify themselves to take a business degree.

Take a look at our Qualifications Roadmap which sets out our qualifications, who they are aimed at, and any entry requirements you will need to take that qualification.

Using the 4 Pillars of Learning, the IOE&IT offers the student the opportunity to work on their own and current business, or a business that they know well:

Pillars of learning


As part of an IOE&IT qualification, students will plan, research and implement a work-based project that will act as a useful strategic management tool in each of the main topics they study. This offers the company sponsoring the student a set of 4 papers covering the impact of the four areas detailed above.

Each paper will produce a useful piece of work based on the company’s own product or offering which allows the student to gain the new knowledge to be useful in the business. This style of work-based projects ensures that all study is relevant to the students business context. Working on these projects using the organisation’s structure provides excellent opportunities for the student to apply theoretical ideas in real world contexts.

The employee will essentially become a practitioner-researcher to undertake each project, producing 4 pieces of work with the potential to yield tangible benefits for the sponsor business.

This provides, therefore, a benefit for both the student who qualifies and the employer who has a set of reports specifically about exporting and their own business.


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