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Are You Ready to Export?

  1. If you would like us to carry out an assessment of your readiness to begin exporting, please complete the following questionnaire and we will get back to you with an assessment and advice about starting to export

  2. 1. How many people do you employ?(*)
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  3. 2. What is your annual turnover?(*)
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  4. 3. How would you classify your product or service?(*)
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  5. 4. Do you already export? (*)
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  6. If yes where to?
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  7. 5. Do you know how to research a new market?(*)
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  9. 6. Which government agencies are you aware of that might be able to help you export?(*)
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  10. 7. What insurances do you have in place?(*)

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  11. 8. Is your manufacturing line flexible enough to modify for a local market?(*)
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  12. 9. Does anyone in your company understand marketing?(*)
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  13. 10. What languages are spoken in your company?(*)
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  14. 11. Is your business set up to sell in another currency?(*)
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  15. 12. When you quote a price do you know all the different payment methods you might use to collect the money? And how much they cost?(*)
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  16. 13. Do you know what INCOTERMS 2010 are?(*)
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  17. 14. Do you know the cheapest method of transporting your goods overseas and how long it takes?(*)
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  18. 15. Are your current Terms & Conditions valid for international sales?(*)
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  19. 16. Do you know when a contract begins?(*)

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  20. 18. Do you have anyone who is skilled in documentation and tax compliance issues and do you know how the rules of origin are applied to your product or service?(*)
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  21. 19. Most importantly, have you thought about how you are going to fund this growth? (*)
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  22. 20. Did you know there are many great benefits to being a member of the Institute of Export including a helpline and discounts on training? (*)
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  1. In order to provide you with an accurate analysis of your readiness to export we will need a few details from you:-
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