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Queen's Awards Gala Dinner 2014

24th September 2014 - Clothworkers' Hall, London

The Institute of Export and International Trade's third Queen's Awards Gala Dinner

IOE Awards 14-2131
IOE Awards 14-2134
IOE Awards 14-2136
IOE Awards 14-2160
IOE Awards 14-2197
IOE Awards 14-2203
IOE Awards 14-2206
IOE Awards 14-2223
IOE Awards 14-2225
IOE Awards 14-2229
IOE Awards 14-2236
IOE Awards 14-2237
IOE Awards 14-2282
IOE Awards 14-4533
IOE Awards 14-4536
IOE Awards 14-4551
IOE Awards 14-4592
IOE Awards 14-4596
IOE Awards 14-4607
IOE Awards 14-4617
IOE Awards 14-4622
IOE Awards 14-4638
IOE Awards 14-4659
IOE Awards 14-4698
IOE Awards 14-4732
IOE Awards 14-4738
IOE Awards 14-4756
IOE Awards 14-4879
IOE Awards 14-4890
IOE Awards 14-4892
IOE Awards 14-4895
IOE Awards 14-4941
IOE Awards 14-4945
IOE Awards 14-4948
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Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony 2015

18th May 2015 - The Lord Mayor of London's residence, Mansion House, London

Please take a look at some photos from this fabulous event!

IOE Mansion House May 15-7890
IOE Mansion House May 15-7915
IOE Mansion House May 15-7933
IOE Mansion House May 15-8036
IOE Mansion House May 15-8047
IOE Mansion House May 15-8108
IOE Mansion House May 15-8157
IOE Mansion House May 15-8216
IOE Mansion House May 15-8260
IOE Mansion House May 15-8262
IOE Mansion House May 15-8265
IOE Mansion House May 15-8269
IOE Mansion House May 15-8273-2
IOE Mansion House May 15-8285
IOE Mansion House May 15-8297
IOE Mansion House May 15-8303
IOE Mansion House May 15-8317
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Queen's Awards Gala Dinner 2015

29th September 2015 - Inner Temple, London

Take a look at the gallery of photographs from this event

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IOE 80th Birthday Gala Dinner 2015

18th November 2015 - Royal Horseguards Hotel, 2 Whitehall Court, London

A selection of photos from the IOE's 80th birthday celebration dinner

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Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony 2016

18th May 2016 - The Lord Mayor of London's residence, Mansion House, London

Please take a look at some photos from this very special occasion

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IMGL2275IOE Graduation 2016


South West Summit 2016

5th October 2016 - Castle Hotel, Taunton

A selection of photos from the inaugural IOE South West Summit

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World Trade Summit 2016 

12th October 2016 - Gresham College, Holburn, London

Our annual world trade summit brought together some of the most knowledgeable and influential speakers on the key issues that impact on international trade

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