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Our History

On 13 November 1923, a meeting was held at the Federation of British Industries (forerunner to the CBI) to consider the formation of an “Export Directors or Managers Club”. There were seven people present and a further 34 companies had recorded an interest.

These companies included such famous names as W & T Avery, Boots, Bovril, Brown & Polson, Chivers & Sons, Joseph Crosfield, Crosse & Blackwell, Cunard Steamship, Nestle & Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company and Rowntree.

At a meeting the following January the title Association of British Export Manufacturers was suggested. In March they settled on British Export Society. This led to the creation of the Institute of Export on 18 November 1935, with Major Tommy Knowles CBE as president and Robert Turner as chairman.

Among the new organisation’s aims were:

1. To devise and impose means for testing the qualifications of candidates for admission to membership of the Institute by examination


2. To frame and establish standards for observance in matters pertaining to professional practice.


3. To afford personal contact between members of the Institute.


From the ten who attended the inaugural meeting, membership grew and currently stands at 2750 with over 10,000 exporters reading blogs and a reach of 100,000 exporters reading our content in journals such as Croner, ITM, Global Trader and the newest publication in association with IMA for each new market – Doing Business Guides.

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